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Cotton Embroidery Lace
  • Cotton Embroidery LaceCotton Embroidery Lace

Cotton Embroidery Lace

Pro professionalem qualitatem LB® Cotton Embroidery Lace fabricare, certi quiescere potes ex officina nostra Cottonum Embroidery Lace emere et tibi optimam post venditionem servitii et partus opportune offeremus. Ningbo L

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Cum professionalem fabricam, volumus tibi dare optimum LBCotton Embroidery Lace have been exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East and other regions for a long time. The company has always been committed to becoming an honest and reliable supplier to customers and seeking common development with customers. These cotton embroidery lace is the latest designs of high-quality lace. polyester embroidery lace is made of polyester, it can be used in clothing, bags and home textile products.

Parameter Product (specification)

Product nomen bombacio acupictura laciniarum
Color greige et offer moriens variisque coloribus ad optionem
MOQ 500 ulnas
nativus OEM
Productio tempus Northmanni 7-20 dies in quantitate pendent
Ratio stipare Interiorem: sarcina in fasciculos et in polybags exteriores: vexillum carton
Shipping modus (Translatio Termini) Per Mare, Per Aerem, Per DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT.
Sample plumbum tempus 2-3 dies, si praesto

Product Feature Et Application

Unum genus est vitta in acupictura intexti vitta magis veneranda, .solent in textura nere. Omnino adorandum spectant et perfecti sunt ad decorandas fortuita indumenta et togas vespertinas.

Product Details

bombacio acupictura laciniarum

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